In case you are obese, overweight or morbidly obese, and if you have failed to lose weight through exercise and diet, then the weight loss surgery is the only option you can choose. The weight loss surgery is counted on as the acceptable risk in the people, whose health is at risk due to excessive weight. At Beams Hospital Bangalore, we understand this requirement and therefore we offer weight loss surgery in Bangalore at affordable rates. All the weight loss surgeries we offer at our clinic are performed by the skilled and highly experienced weight loss surgeons. These surgeons use only the latest equipments, which are backed up by the wonderful clinical care. Like as other private clinics and hospitals that deal with this matter, we also have a few criteria for the weight loss surgery. According to that we screen the patients for the suitability for various weight loss processes. Patients, who meet with these criteria for selection, weight loss surgery has proved to be a really effective treatment for them to get rid of the diseases related to obesity while losing weight. At this website, you will get a complete idea on various types of weight loss surgery options available at our hospital. Hope these details will really help you in understanding all the factors that are involved in the surgery for weight loss including all the pros and cons. This will also be beneficial for you to choose the best option for you as well as for your lifestyle. Now let’s have a look at the different types of weight loss surgery procedures that we offer:

  • The adjustable laparoscopic gastric band: This surgery is great for the patients, who have the BMI of 30 or more than that. In this case an adjustable band is placed into the upper area of the stomach to restrict the limit of food intake. This surgery is mainly performed through the keyhole techniques.
  • The gastric balloon: This surgery is ideal for patients withthe BMI of 27.5 or more. It is actually a non surgical weight loss treatment where a balloon is inserted to the stomach of the patient through endoscopy. It just needs a mild sedation. The balloon works as a temporary weight loss tool and it should be removed after the period of six months,
  • The gastric sleeve: This process is also perfect for people having the BMI of 30 or more. This surgery is mainly performed through the keyhole technique. Here a part of the stomach is removed.
  • Duodenal switch:  It is a two stage process for the obese people with the BMI of more than 65. The first stage of this process is sleeve gastrectomy and the second stage is duodenal switch. This process re routes the entire digestive system so that the patients can absorb fewer nutrients from the food.

If you are located in other parts of India and want to avail our services, then there is a good news for you. Now you don’t have to come to Bangalore as we are also available in the cities like Hyderabad, Amritsar and Mumbai.