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Weight-loss through diet in Bangalore and Mumbai - Beams Hospitals ::

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  • Dr. Priyanka Singh (Bangalore)
  • Mikita Gandhi (Mumbai)

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Dietary counselling

Weight loss program is focused completely on natural effective solutions and individualized food plans. It is creating a right balance between body, nutritious foods, natural herbs and adequate exercise.

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About the procedure

The line of treatment would be centered on unique scientific process of 

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Body Nourishment
  • Detoxifying your system
  • Revitalize your system
  • Exercise
  • Maintenance

Body analysis - It includes weight and height assessment and deriving the IBW. Assessing the body fat percentage and muscle mass. Also taking into consideration any medical history or medical problems. Depending upon the vital stats mutually decide about the actual weight loss required.

Body nourishment - It includes nourishing body for any deficient nutrients and prevent any deficiencies during weight loss. It will include giving nutritious food plan according to the age, height and nutritional requirements. It will also include suggestion of various nutritional supplements to meet the requirements.

Detoxifying the system - Todays lifestyle have provided us with various diseases conditions and all of this are caused due to the toxins/ free radicals which get accumulated in the body. So in today’s age it is necessary to cleanse the system to get rid of havoc causing free radicals. Foods rich in antioxidants and polyphenols will help to purify the system.

Revitalizing the system - Once the body is detoxified the nourishment will be adequately absorbed in the body which will help to refresh the system and improve the metabolism.

Exercise - Today people hardly get time to exercise so some simple do at home exercise for 30-40 min per day is recommended as it improves blood circulation and improves the metabolism. It will include brisk walking/ aerobic exercise/ surya namaskar.

Maintenance - On completion of the entire process of weight loss and after the desired results have been achieved maintenance program would be suggested to maintain the lost weight.

Different programs that are offered in Beams Hospital:

  • Weight loss program
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes management - control diabetes in just 3 months
  • PCOD and thyroid management with weight loss
  • Diet for cardiovascular diseases
  • Cholesterol management - cholesterol control in just 3 months
  • Blood pressure management
  • Diet for gastrointestinal diseases
  • Good digestion - acidity relief in just 15 days
  • Pregnancy and lactation nutrition
  • Menopause management
  • Old age health maintenance
  • Immunity booster
  • Joint pain management
  • Diet for kidney diseases
  • Maintenance of good renal health
  • Child health plan
  • Sports Nutrition

We are located in major cities like Bangalore – Koramangala and Mumbai – Khar