Mr Bhogesh Kumar, Bariatric Surgery

Bhogesh was suffering from painful hernia and came to Beams Hospital for consultation with the General Surgeon. He underwent laparoscopic surgery for hernia repair. He is extremely happy that he decided to have the surgery at Beams Hospital. Unlike other hospitals he was given a package rate, there were no unnecessary tests prescribed to him. He was discharged the same day after the surgery. And the best thing was the quick recovery post-surgery because of laparoscopic method.


Ms Deepali Reddy, Bariatric Surgery

Deepali was suffering from multiple health problems due to obesity. She was having breathing problems and couldn’t manage to walk or do any household chores because of health problems arising to excess weight. This led to severe depression. After Bariatric Surgery at Beams Hospital, she feels she has got a new life. Now she is able to walk, exercise and do household work. She feels alive now and enjoys life. She recommends Bariatric surgery at Beams Hospital to everyone who is suffering from similar problems.


Mr. Venkatesan, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Venkatesan underwent Laparoscopic Hernia Repair at Beams Hospital. He was travelling from another city for the surgery. He recollects how the surgery was painless and he was discharged the same day after the surgery. After the surgery he was feeling perfectly well and he could travel back to his home. He appreciates the knowledge of the surgeon and the care of the nursing staff at Beams Hospital.


Mrs. Joyce Koshi, Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal with Hernia Repair

Joyce underwent fibroid removal followed by hernia repair at Beams Hospital. The two procedures had to performed in combination. She wanted laparoscopic surgery because otherwise such a surgery results in being bedridden for long period. After the surgery, she was discharged the next day and recovery was rapid and quick. She recommends Beams Hospital and laparoscopic surgery to all her friends and relatives


Ms. Bipasha Paul, Bariatric Surgery

Bipasha was overweight and was worried about the health complications associated with obesity. She got to know about Bariatric surgery and came for a consultation with surgeon at Beams Hospital. She was impressed with the way the surgeon explained about the procedure and clarified all her doubts about the surgery. Today, she is extremely happy with the results, she feels the surgery has given her new life and she is loving her newfound confidence.


Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Dr Vijaya Kumar, had underwent Laparoscopic Hernia Repair at Beams Hospital. He is very happy with the results. The recalls how the surgery was absolutely painless and there are no scar marks on his body which occurs in open surgeries. He recovered quicker than he had imagined possible and thanks Beams Hospital for the amazing aftercare.


Mrs. Kavitha (Name changed for privacy reasons)

She is 32-year old, she was married for three years but was unable to conceive. She was experiencing heaviness in the lower abdomen. On investigation at Beams Hospital, she was found to have large fibroids in the uterus. In July 2011, the team of doctors led by Dr. Shanthala performed laparoscopic removal of fibroid (Myomectomy) which weighed 1.8 kg. She recovered quickly was back to her routine activities very early. In December 2011, she delivered a healthy female child of 2.7 kg and both mother and child are healthy.


Madhuri Kumari

Madhuri was obese with 136 kg weight. She had tried diet and exercise but to no avail. In order to avoid health complications arising out of obesity, she decided to have Bariatric Surgery at Beams Hospital. She came to know about Beams from a friend whose mother had lost 40 kgs after bariatric surgery at Beams. She consulted Dr. Anand and was very happy with the way he explained about the surgery, its impact and recovery. Before going for surgery, she was made to loose some weight through liquid diet prescribed by Dr Priyanka, Senior Dietician at Beams. Now after 5 months of the surgery she has already reduced 39 kg’s and continues to loose weight every day. She says “I am extremely happy with Beams Hospitals and whole team including Doctors, Dietician and Nursing staff who helped me as I came alone to hospital and they took care as a family.”