Care at Beams

The highest standard in patient care is what differentiates Beams from other hospitals. The serene surroundings and relaxed atmosphere at Beams have been designed to provide patients with maximum comfort.

Our caregivers – from nurses to the front office team – are eager to help our patients and their attendants. We have a rather stringent staff-selection process that enables us to pick the right team members who are not only competent in their respective roles, but also compassionate and friendly people.

We have all the facilities and amenities needed to make the stay of our patients and their attendants comfortable and hassle-free. We also have an in-house diet plan for patients and a complimentary 3-course meal served for the attendants. There is also a dining room for attendants to eat comfortably.

Post-Surgery Care

Post-surgery care is just as important for laparoscopy as it is for open surgery, and we leave no stones unturned in that respect.

The patient is shifted to the recovery room immediately after the surgery. Based on their recovery there, the patient will then be brought back to his/her own room – in most cases, within a couple of hours.

The assigned doctor keeps checking in regularly on the patients, who are normally permitted to start sipping oral fluids within 4-6 hours of surgery.

Most of the patients are discharged within 24 hours, but this depends heavily on the recovery and nature of surgery. As a part of the discharge process, the patient and their family are explained the nature of their aliment and are taken through the surgical procedure with the help of the patient’s own surgery video/photographs.


We serve a complimentary 3-course vegetarian meal to the patient and their attendants. The menu for patients is designed as per the dietary recommendations by the in-house dieticians. For their convenience, the meals can be served either in the main dining room or at their hospital room. For refreshments, there are tea/coffee vending machines in the dining room that can be accessed at all times.

Patient Drop Back

For ensuring that our patients reach home safely after being discharged, we provide air-conditioned car drop facility. We recommend that patients inform us two hours in advance of their discharge time to avail of this facility without delay.


There is Wi-Fi connectivity in our centre for use by patients and their attendants. They can access internet on their laptop, mobile and other electronic devices through this service.


Parking space is available 24×7 at all our hospitals for the convenience of patients and visitors.