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Beams Hospital Bangalore offers arthroscopic treatments for correcting many kinds of joint disorders and orthopaedic conditions.

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We have a team of specialized arthroscopists who have successfully treated a variety of orthopaedic conditions such as meniscus (torn cartilage), articular or torn surface cartilage, damaged cartilage and ACL reconstruction. They have helped many professional athletes recover from their injuries in a faster manner and get back to their sports activities with the same zeal and gusto as before.

Arthroscopy or arthroscopic surgeries are minimal invasive surgeries that involve inserting of arthroscope and surgical instruments into small incisions created at joints. Such surgeries, when compared to the traditional surgeries, help patients to recover faster, increasing the rates of success, without causing damage to the connective tissues. Scarring is also less in such surgeries. The joints are distended using irrigation fluid so as to create the required surgical space. The surgical instruments that are inserted are quite small. The arthroscope helps the surgeons to get a good view of the joint area on the video monitor so that he can diagnose appropriately and repair joint tissues such as cartilage, menisci and ligaments.

We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities to provide top quality services to all our patients.

Types of Arthroscopy offered at Beams Hospital, Bangalore:

At Beams Hospital Bangalore, we do arthroscopic examination of all joints such as:

  • Knee: Knee arthroscopy works wonders in case of meniscus injury, cartilage micro fracture and reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament. The procedure involves creation of a 4mm incision inside the knee joint and then the insertion of an arthroscope (small fiberoptic camera) into this incision. We make use of a special fluid to view the parts of the joint. There may be a need for more incisions if other parts of knee have to be checked. Miniature instruments are inserted in these incisions while performing the surgery. The various conditions that are treated by following knee arthroscopy include:
    • Osteoarthritis: This method is adopted to treat various conditions such as labral tears, Osteochondritisdissecans and Femoroacetabular impingement. Physiotherapy and medication will have to be continued after knee arthroscopy for Osteoarthritis.
    • Meniscal tears: Our specialists are well-qualified and experienced to perform arthroscopic partial meniscectomy to trim or repair, damaged, torn or painful meniscus, quite effectively.
    • A patient may need about 15 days to recover from the surgery. During this period there could be some swelling around the knee. Till this swelling reduces completely the patients are advised not to do any extensive walking or serious exercise, as this may cause pain or more swelling, which might lead to more serious problems.
  • Hip : Hip arthroscopy can be done to treat any kind of condition either inside or outside the hip joint. Our specialists generally do this while treating Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). This method can also be effective for labral tears, hip washout in case of infections, biopsy, loose or foreign body removal, chondral (cartilage) lesions, ligamentum teres injuries, osteochondritisdissecans, snapping psoas or Iliopsoas tendinopathy, snapping iliotibial band, trochanteric pain syndrome, sciatic nerve compression, ischiofemoral impingement, osteoarthritis (controversial), and also for the direct assessment of hip replacement.
  • Shoulder :Arthroscopy can treat various disorders related to shoulder including frozen shoulder, subacromial impingement, rotator cuff tears, acromioclavicular osteoarthritis, removal of loose bodies,bankarts lesion repair,chronic tendonitis, partial tears of long biceps tendon, shoulder instability and SLAP lesions. Our specialists are trained to perform the Keyhole surgery while treating some such disorders as it reduces the inpatient time as well as the rehabilitation requirements. Patients who undergo this surgery will usually be discharged the same day.
  • Wrist : We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, perform Wrist Arthroscopy to investigate as well as treat the symptoms of wrist fractures, torn/damaged ligaments and repetitive strain injuries. This method can also be useful in ascertaining joint damage in cases of wrist osteoarthritis.
  • Spine : Through spinal arthroscopy, we conduct procedures such as removal of bone, ligaments and muscles to diagnose and treat the problematic areas. Arthroscopy allows access to various kinds of spinal conditions and is effective enough to treat them, while minimizing the damages to surrounding tissues. As the incisions are small, recovery time is greatly reduced and in most of the cases there is no need for the patients to admit themselves too. Our specialists are well-trained and experienced to perform arthroscopic procedures to treat spinal conditions such as:
    • Spinal disc herniation and degenerative discs
    • Spinal deformity
    • Tumors
    • General spine trauma
  • Temporomandibular Joint : Any signs or symptoms related to disorders pertaining to these joints can be detected through Arthroscopy of the temporomandibular joint. It can also work as a therapeutic treatment in case of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ arthroscopy, as a procedure, can also be effective enough to wash out inflammatory mediators and debris from the joints and can even be used to make a displaced disc return to its normal position. We, at Beams Hospital Bangalore, even carry out arthroscopy to view the insides of joints while performing surgical procedures that involve the articular surfaces or disc. A few such procedures include the release of adhesions, disc reduction, biopsies and release of the disc. We normally carry these out under general anesthetic.

Quality patient care is what we aim for in Beams Hospital Bangalore. We take all precautions necessary before, during and after the surgeries so as to minimize the complications if any and quicken the recovery time.